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Does anyone use cacao to help with getting more magnesium?


Senior Member
I've never had raw cacao powder before and I was thinking about trying it out since it is supposed to be so high in magnesium.

Has anyone had any hits or misses with it?
Be mindful that Raw Cacao contains lots of Anti nutrients that can block the absorption of minerals including magnesium both in the cacao as well as in the other foods you eat. It could be counter productive.

I believe fermentation and roasting reduce the anti nutrients. Both raw and processed chocolate beans are fermented but I don’t think the length of time is long enough and I’m also not sure whether the roasting is enough to reduce it either. Traditionally cocoa is cooked before consumption. Also roasting the Cacao actually increases the positive antioxidants.

I would be wary of raw cacao for the above reasons and I’m unsure whether processed cocoa adequately reduces the anti nutrients or not. It would be nice to have scientific results.

Speaking of which there is this study but I can’t read it at the moment...

Nutrient and antinutrient profiles of raw and fermented cocoa beans