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does anyone know if there are labs in the UK that test for hhv6, ebv, cmv etc...?


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I'm thinking it might be an idea to see if I could have blood tests for ebv, hhv6 and cmv etc..

Does anyone know if there is a lab in UK that offers it? I am housebound so would need to post it as can't get out at all (am hoping could pay for someone to come and take blood).

Many thanks in advance


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If anyone has the answer to this, I'd be very grateful too.


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australia (brisbane)
Theres a good chance that most people have had those herpes viruses, so unless u can get titre levels measured, i wouldnt bother too much at first. I think i have mentioned to you before about a lymphocyte sub set test, this can idicate that your immune system is activated especially the cd8 lymphocytes even if total lymphocytes are within normal range. If high cd8 then maybe get tested for the other herpes infections and if positive for 'past' infection which is igg titres then those viruses could be reactivating and then going down the antiviral medication route is worth a shot. Maybe look at redlabs in belgium where u can get these tests and other immune tests. A local pathology place should have mobil phlebotomists who can take your blood and possibly organise sending it to redlabs, http://www.redlabs.be/red-labs/ordering-tests/request-forms.php . Reading through the redlabs site has alot of interesting information on viruses related to cfs etc,

Or you can go the old fashion way with a theraputic trial of antivirals for 3-6 months and see if u improve.