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Does a continual high EBV IGG make one more susceptible to MS and Lymphoma?


Senior Member
Been worrying about MS and Lymphoma lately. Specifically if my bout with Mono, my lingering fatigue and my still high IGG really do greatly increase my risk of getting these? Would lowering my IGG reduce that risk? Is there anything else that can reduce the risk or is the damage done? Or is this all silly and I have nothing to really worry about?


Senior Member
That's a good question There seems to be correlation.Nagalase testing and Gcmaf maybe something worth looking into if you can afford it.

Seems the antivirals may be able to help the viruses from replicating if you can tolerate it.

Things like diet and environment may play a role in cancer prevention as well.Once the ebv load is down
seems that the vitamin d receptors are less blocked