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Documentary “Unrest” being used to sell an Adrenal Supplement


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This evening I came across an advertisement in my Facebook News Feed that uses the “Unresr” Documentary as a reference to sell its adrenal supplement pills. Interesting how getting more interest and awareness about the illness depicted in this documentary opens up doors for patients to once again be misled by people with motivations not aligned with reporting accurate information about those who suffer and who have been diagnosed with M.E.

I hope that the “Unrest” Documentary producers will take whatever action necessary to go after businesses using the documentary in a way way that can twist, simplify and misrepresent what is known about this illness and make unsubstantiated claims that a particular product could be “the” magic bullet to allow patients to regain their health.

I wonder how many other companies and individuals will be looking at the increased awareness and publicity about the illness depicted in this film to hawk their wares and opinions to try to convince the public of how they can fix us - if only we will trust them and open up our wallets.

Here is a link to the Facebook post if you are interested in taking a look at it. Not a social media knowledgeable person, so I am not sure if clicking on the link will trigger Facebook algorithms that will cause this ad to gain market interest and be spread more widely. So just be aware that clicking on the link or even trying to add a comment to the post could result in a positive marketing result for this company.

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