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Doctors warn of possible rise of debilitating nervous-system disorder in patients with long COVID-19


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Actually, it is more about: "In cases of POTS"
"Guzman explained that there are many different reasons why POTS may develop in some patients. He said benign causes, such as low blood volume or chronic dehydration, could result in the disorder. The condition could also be caused by deconditioning, which are changes in the body that occur during a period of inactivity, for instance when astronauts return from space, or from immune disorders.

POTS can also develop in the aftermath of a viral infection, which is why Guzman and Huynh said they have seen some cases of the disorder in patients who had COVID-19."
Article: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coron...rder-in-patients-with-long-covid-19-1.5615322