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doctor recommendation?


happy to be here
mountains of north carolina
So after reading lots of others' experiences, I am thinking of getting a viral and immune system workup, testing for EBV, HHV6, etc. as well as RnaseL, NK cells, etc.

I live in North Carolina - does anyone know if Dr. Lapp uses that approach? Any recommendations for specialists who do? I'm willing to travel - apart from my neighborhood, the west coast of the US is good for me as I have family there.

Thanks for any input,


Daughters High School Graduation
Upstate SC, USA
Dr. Black (works with Dr. Lapp) checked me for EBV (EA, VCA & NA), CMV and HHV-6. I was very high in the EBV EA IgG, EBV VCA IgG and high with HHV-6. CMV was normal. Also tested for Lymes, but the deer tick that was attached to my back right between my shoulder blades was over a year prior to testing. She used the ELISA with Western Blot if positive. My understanding is that this test is usless at that stage.

Dr. Black is good. I liked her a lot.