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Do you take Magnesium even if your serum levels are normal?


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If so, how often do you check your blood levels of magnesium, thanks!


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I have taken/am still taking Mg even though my serum levels have been/are normal or even above normal. My highest serum Mg was 2.5mEq/L, with a ref range of 1.3 - 2.1 mEq/L. That was nearly ten years years ago. I also had several other Mg levels at or above the upper limit of normal around that time.

When I began treatment for erythromelalgia, using higher than usual amounts of magnesium, my rheumatologist checked my serum level once/month for a total of three times. (His instructions were to not take more than 1200mg/day). Then his successor checked serum magnesium about every 6 months.

The other posters are correct in stating that deficiencies can't be determined by serum, and you would need to depend on a RBC magnesium to detect a deficiency. However, if you're trying to determine if you have too much magnesium, a serum magnesium is most expedient.

I've been able to detect large amounts other ways - my muscles took on the abnormal sensation of feeling like a rag doll, and of course, going to the toilet. If you hit the rag doll sensation, you know you've overdone it, but if your kidney function is good, the rag doll sensation should go away in a few hours.

As a doctor, you probably know more about electrolyte metabolism than 99% of us, but I hope my experience will be helpful to you.
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