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Do you look markedly younger than your age?



When I was at my sickest in the 90's and before the remission I looked it. I have always looked younger than my age by at least 10 years. Interestingly as Jody noted when I was quite young I looked older. I have had doctor's comment on this, thinking the age was wrong in the file. I will keep that part! LOL

BTW Jody love all your blogs, you are a writer, I can feel what you say!



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I am 62 and I'm often taken for 45-50. Some have insisted I must be joking when I tell my age. I've never smoked, but did and do drink, mostly wine, which I'm sure is good for health, in moderation. I didn't avoid the sun until I did the Marshall Protocol, and I had lots of sunburn as a child and teenager. I do avoid it now.

I stopped eating refined flour and any sugar more than 30 years ago, don't eat red meat, eat lots of veggies and fruits and nuts and seeds, which have the best oils. I avoid prepared foods with artificial coloring and flavoring and other chemicals. I'm an organic gardener and grow some of what I eat. I start my day with a big mug of coffee and I drink tea, mostly green tea, regularly. I use a lot of herbs, garlic, onion and spices in my cooking. Many of the herbs come from my garden, so they're fresh.

My parents are still fairly healthy and independent in their late 80's. And yes, I look younger than my younger siblings. People have asked if I'm the younger sister of my 3 younger brothers. I haven't worn makeup since I became disabled, but I do henna my hair, which is white on top only.

My guy is 16 years younger than I and people usually assume he's older than I. Or, just that I'm younger than I am.

I still feel like I'm about 90 most of the time. I've had CFIDS for 28 years, almost half my life. I'm mentally and emotionally ready to die at any time, but the body just won't give up.


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I was just told today that i don't look old enough to be a grandmother. It's a shame, because I feel 74 instead of 47. Okay I lied, I feel 84 today. Today I had to be pushed in a wheelchair in order to visit my son in the hospital. I could not have made it from the parking deck to his room otherwise. It was hard for me emotionally, and I felt guilty that my husband had to push me. I hope he doesn' think he is going to have to do this for the rest of my life, and I moreso hope he really doesn't have to push me in a wheelchair. It was scarey when I had to roll myself out of the ward for a while, I could not roll myself. No strength in my arms. also frightening. Anyway, this was not a good thing today and with all my son is dealing with, it really made him cry all the more to see his mom (barely 19 years older than he is) in a wheelchair.. It's small comfort to be told I look too young for my age, especially if I 'fix up', although I can't remember when I actually last did that.


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I do hope to live another 35 years, provided my health doesn't get worse and my brain keeps working, for I'd like to find out about ME, write out a lot of philosophy and logic that exists as notes mainly and only, and see to it that Wessely, White, Bleijenberg and Van der Meer etc. really get what they deserve. ;)/QUOTE]


I wish for you what you wish for yourself.


I just turned 24 and at my birthday party my family were all joking that I still look 16. I got them to admit I could potentially pass for 17 now, so that's something. :rolleyes:

It makes sense we would look younger than our true age when you think about it. We get a lot less sun than most people, we tend to push fluids to augment blood volume or blood pressure, we tend to be more health conscious in regards to diet, supplements and substance abuse, and we get loads of beauty sleep! Heck, repeated facial expressions aren't a big problem because besides spending significantly more time sleeping facial expressions are just another form of exertion that you can't manage when you're really sick and you learn to use sparingly when you're feeling better. If I'm alone I probably have a disturbingly neutral expression 90% of the time. It was pretty frustrating during my teen years seeing my friends' looks mature while I looked pretty consistent but I've gotten used to it. Now it's kind of amusing watching people try to peg a girl who sounds like she's 5, looks like she's 15, and talks like she's 35. And I'm sure in a few decades it'll be a nice consolation prize. :D

All kidding aside, put me down for the camp that thinks this is a cute little side effect and all but would so much rather look decades older than I really am and feel like a normal healthy person my own age!