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Do some people Dehydrate really easily more than others ?


Senior Member
I get the impression that I dehydrate way more easier than the average person.

Is there a test that I could take that would show my dehydration susceptibility?

(e.g. I had a CT scan a couple of weeks ago. They put me on a saline drip during the procedure but I still got what seemed like a dehydration headache afterwards.)


Senior Member
Yes I think so, I just pee out any water I drink within 15 mins - if I drink 2litres a day I am going to the toilet every 30mins. Taking celtic sea salt (has to be celtic) can help hold on to the water but still doesn’t do much for me. The main thing I found helpful was stopping carbs after 6pm then I didn’t wake in the night feeling dehydrated.


Senior Member
@Bansaw....Hello. Yes, I have problems with dehydration, am always and forever sweating or freezing cold, and have only one cup of black tea/day and herbal the rest of the time.

My husband, on the other hand, drinks black tea all day long, won't hydrate himself with anything, never sweats and seems to be going along just fine. Actually, it annoys me that he won't take better care of himself, but you aren't Dear Abby, are you?

So we should be celtic salt should we @xebex? Is that for the minerals, or just what? I know that we need iodized salt or it could lead to big problems. Probably a trade off of each every day would work.

I don't eat or drink much after 4-5:00 p.m. That helps immensely. Take good care. Yours Lenora.

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
I think I dehydrate more than normal as well.

in chinese medicine, a common aspect of this type of illness is profound dryness from the Yin Deficiency.

So you work to feed the yin (via diet) and some herbs also help with it.

I swear by the chinese herbs that help me with dryness-(at the moment, lung dryness).

Dryness then is a literal symptom of- sjorgrens- or the eye and mouth issues. Its the hugest side effect issue if you take pharmaceuticles, the mouth dries out and this is a very SERIOUS adverse side effect. We have to be very careful.