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Do I have Primary Antibody Deficiency? (PAD).

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Severe ME, POTS & MCAS.
Hello. Sorry to ask here, but I've drawn a blank with my GP.

I have an ''insuficient titre'' of 'natural' antibodies on a lab test result to:

Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib.
Meningococcal antibody.
Pneumococcal antibody.

(NB: These aren't antigens looking for activte infection, just my natural 'antibody defence' levels against these class of infections). The others such as Tetanus and so forth are all normal.

If it's of relevence, I have had repeat: low IgG-3, high IgG-4, high IgE (proably why I have multiple Asthma attacks a day). My carers are also immune supressed and keep cross infecting me!!! I'm hoping the above tests in bold might explain why I keep getting URT/sinus/throat infections or ones that affect my brain even (severe headaches lasting days at a time (5 days or so), confusion, ,vertigo with flashing light episodes, much worse neuropathic pain, and so forth. Do you think they mean anything?

From what I can tell if you lack a limited 'select' deficiency of this type, it might be due to a condition called Primary Antibody Deficiency? (PAD) or something similar? Select antibody deficiency maybe?

My GP says there's nothing wrong with me as my full blood count is normal, other than elevated lymphocytes and monocytes high nornal, or high on most random blood tests. They won't do a blood draw when I'm symptomatic with an obvious bug as they say the district nurse only comes out once a week.

So before I ignore the result, I wanted to ask you guys your opinion if you think:

A) The low defence titre might explain my chronic repeat infections, prolonged recovery time, or why my Asthma is so bad in general.
B) If so, could I perhaps get some kind of 'diagnosis' out of it, and maybe some treatment even to make my immune system stronger?

Thanks for any ideas or opinions.


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Pacific Northwest
You might have some chronic infections...herpes family, atypical pneumonia, Lyme, coinfections... Hacecyiur been tested? What you find might surprise you...

Seems like your body is attempting to fight something. What kind of doctor won't test a sick patient?