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Digestive + Vitamin Supplement


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Depends how sensitive you are to meds etc, I would only ever try one thing at a time. A lot of the time people are intolerant to casings/fillers etc.
I am intolerant to eggs, casein, gluten and a whole bunch of other stuff, I was correct on quite a few by just monitoring my reactions to each food I ate, very laborious(sp) when my blood tests came back not a lot of surprises, apart from no lactose or fructose intolerance. Makes a huge difference to your gut when you stay off the foods you are intolerant to.
Hi Sleepy,

I haven't tried it but it looks expensive and you could try the components separately which would give you a better idea of what's working. For example you can get pure glutamine powder from myprotein.co.uk or oneon.co.uk for very little money. If you have digestive problems (as I did) you could also try Lecithin which you can get online (amazon have it) or from Holland and Barratt. Lecithin is an emulsifier and helps break down fats (which are important so don't cut them out on a whim!) - it can help build healthy cells, and may even have anti-viral effects.

Have you cut out gluten already?