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Digestive enzymes and food intolerances


Senior Member
I've only used lactase, but found it very useful. After a few months on it, my lactose intolerance seems to have resolved, too.


Senior Member
Maybe, but I found when I was at my worse I couldn't tolerate any supplements. I went on the RPAH elimination diet and I could only have a small selection of meds. For example, I had to have a specific brand of panadol and had to take the capsule coverings off. This was the instruction by the dietician and in the actual book that I had to follow. I also could only have certain moisturisers and cleaning agents recommended by them.

For example, I thought I could get away with a vit d in oil format with orange oil, big mistake. It took me days to recover from nausea.

Now my gut is on track, I can handle more supplements.