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I've moved out of my moldy house but I didn't get rid of my stuff (I didn't realize the mold was the problem until I moved). So rather than getting rid of everything, I'm thinking about getting a diffuser. I'm wondering if anyone has had luck cleaning out their living environment with one?

Did it help enough? What kind of diffuser did you use?


Senior Member
Sth Australia
An mold expert I spoke to over my mold issues in my last house.. said the only thing which would fix it was ozone (I hope I have that word right), as that was the only thing he said could kill it everywhere.. in the air.. spores on walls etc etc. That being very expensive (I was quoted over $1000 to have him come and treat the house) soI moved out as soon as I could


Clove oil is quite popular as a Mould remover... diluted with water in a spray bottle seems to be useful

I have not had any personal experience with it though or know if it could be used in a diffuser