Dietary Fibre added to many foods that can cause GI pain, gas and bloating


Increasingly, a dietary fibre called Inulin is replacing sugar and fat in many products where we wouldn't expect to find fibre -even drinks and even some bottled waters (particularly the flavoured waters)

Quoted from "Sensus" -What is Inulin?

Inulin is a natural soluble dietary fiber and comes from roots of the chicory plant. This food ingredient is also called chicory root fiber and has significant, scientifically-proven health benefits. Inulin can be applied to develop tasty, healthy food products.

Inulin and oligofructose, also called fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), belong to the class of fructan carbohydrates.
Applications of Inulin:
Quoted from the above page
These ingredients are currently used in many applications, including dairy, bakery, cereals and cereal bars, infant nutrition, beverages, confectionery, ice cream, savory and healthcare nutrition.
Okay....great. But if we eat a large amount of these foods, daily, then that's a heck of a lot of this fibre, Inulin.
It's supposed to be good for us -right? Inulin is good. It's a prebiotic. It's a "sugar reduction tool". It provides dietary fibre which many people don't get enough of.

But what they don't say is some people are highly sensitive to it, and others, even though they may be completely healthy, lack the digestive enzyme needed to cope with it in the gut. They also don't tell us that for people with IBS inulin can be a bad idea.
I also read about many normally healthy peoples' very sudden bad "food poisoning" reactions to high doses of Inulin....such as that found in vegetables like Jerusalem Artichokes.

Now what led me to this was a sudden curiosity about why I have never been able to tolerate Jerusalem Artichokes or "Sunroots". I have tried 3 times in my life many years ago to eat them, as they are very tasty. Each time I have had hours of terrible gut pain. No -not just gas, but agonising gut pain where I couldn't dare move.
So that led me tonight, to discovering that the culprit in the Sunroots was the fibre "Inulin".
I tolerate -quite happily -all other forms of natural dietary fibre including natural inulin-containing foods such as garlic, onions, bananas and asparagus, and don't have IBS. I also tolerate sugars well in moderation, and natural fats. That hasn't changed even since ME/CFS.

But the levels of Inulin in Jerusalem Artichokes is very high compared to these other foods which naturally contain it. I was led to the conclusion that I do not have the digestive enzyme needed to cope with these high levels, and never did have -even when fit and well.

Also....if a person is continually eating foods all day long that contain this fibre, then they are going to be getting a large dose. And it is being introduced into many many processed foods in lieu of sugar and fat. That might cause mild reactions in some, but for those with sensitive stomachs and guts, or those with IBS, it could cause awful symptoms.

I think perhaps the best way to avoid consuming too much -or even any for the highly sensitive would be to read labels and beware of "chicory root fibre". "inulin". "Frutafit" "Frutalose" "oligofructose". There are other possible label names. I didn't research them all at the moment
It will be labelled under "dietary fibre" not carbohydrate content, and maybe dietary fibre will be its only descriptive title on the label.