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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) changes


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Melbourne Australia
Seems they want to make everything a mental illness!


IT'S been branded a ''dangerous public experiment'' that could turn normal human experiences into an epidemic of mental illness with healthy people being drugged unnecessarily.

In radical changes to the way mental health conditions are diagnosed, what was once considered a child's temper tantrum could be labelled ''disruptive mood dysregulation disorder''. If a widow grieves for more than a fortnight she might be diagnosed with ''major depressive disorder''.

If a mother in a custody battle tries to turn a child against the father, it might create ''parental alienation disorder''.

These are among new conditions proposed for the fifth edition of the psychiatrist's bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), due to be finalised next year.

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Dx Revision Watch

Suzy Chapman Owner of Dx Revision Watch

Yes the DSM-5 CSSD proposals are a big concern.

DSM-5 proposals for the revision of the DSM-IV Somatoform Disorders categories are being covered, in depth, in a number of existing threads for a couple of years, now. You might like to check those threads out, rather than start another thread and have information and discussion fragmented.

The DSM-5 has held two stakeholder review periods for comment and feedback on the proposals of the 13 Work Groups; the first was held in February 2010 and the second in May-July 2011. A third and final stakeholder review is scheduled for January-February 2012.

When the third draft is posted on the DSM-5 Development site, I shall be posting alerts and information on this forum in one of the existing threads and also on my Dx Revision Watch site where I monitor and report on DSM-5 developments. The US Coalition 4 ME/CFS also has an initiative around the DSM-5 stakeholder review and launched a campaign in June to encourage advocates and professionals to submit feedback and comment.

According to DSM-5 Task Force Chair, David Kupfer, MD, the specific diagnostic categories that received the most feedback in the second stakeholder review were sexual and gender identity disorders, followed closely by somatic symptom and anxiety disorders.

You will find copies of some of the 2011 submissions in the DSM-5 stakeholder feedback exercise by international patients organizations, advocates and professionals collated on my site, here: http://wp.me/PKrrB-19a

The existing threads on Phoenix Rising forums for the DSM-5 issue are:

Coalition4ME/CFS Puts Out Call For Action on DSM-5 Proposal

the psych lobby strikes again: DSM-5 v. WHO's ICD in the US

DSM IV proposed reforms for DSM 5: URGENT: Submissions needed NOW. Help is here!

DSM-5 proposals revised on 14 January: New category: Simple Somatic Symptom Disorder

Suzy Chapman


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Glad you brought this up allyann - reading a particular tabloid where the psyches seem over- represented, it does indeed seem as if everything is made a mental illness, or likely to lead to.Having been passed over to one in Accident & Emergency 10 years ago by three interns it's obvious their wings need serious clipping.


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With disorder creep continuing, surely there is room for "Insufferable Psychobabbler Disorder" (IPD)? I wrote up some criteria for my own amusement.