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Diagnosis for CFS

Hi, just found this forum and it seems like there is a lot of helpful information regarding CFS/ME, and hopefully some of you can help guide me in the right direction in getting a CFS diagnosis. Anyways, I was diagnosed with mononucleosis around 8 months ago, and have since been feeling lousy i.e. I cannot exercise, or even take a 1 mile walk, without getting ill with fatigue, head fog, and what feels like a low-grade fever. My only physical symptoms that still persist are my enlarged and reddened tonsils, but I do not have a sore throat. My GP and ENT are very clueless at this point and have pointed me in the direction of seeing an allergist. I don't feel horrible, but being 21 years old and not being able to physically do much is starting to become worrisome. Also, my personality has become quite dull, and I lack the energy/drive I used to have. Does this sound like CFS or long lasting mono? Has anyone experienced enlarged and reddened tonsils for this long without a sore throat while having CFS? Any advice, personal experience, guidance, etc. would be much appreciated.


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I've had tonsil problems for years since I had a bone infection around my lower wisdom teeth. The tonsils themselves can be a source of infection in your body, and can make you quite sick. I notice sometimes, that I get tonsil stones, and you can actually remove these things by applying pressure to the tonsils in various places. I've actually had significant relief cleaning out my tonsils and doing this. I've no idea if this is recommended or not recommended but it worked for me. ENT guys said why are you here we can't see anything wrong. But I'm like, my face and neck hurt 24/7 and still they are clueless.


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I think you can have mono for upto two years before its called CFS you may just have extended post viral fatigue.I would rest as you need it and not over do it,and try eat well.