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Developed bad breathe - after stressful time


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About 5-6 weeks ago I started experiencing weird psychological symptoms where I didn't feel like myself anymore and was bumping into things around the house, saying odd things. At the same time I developed a really bad breathe and a lot of infected looking discharge/mucus from my throat/sinus, I have a history of gut/methylation issues causing psychological symptoms. I went through a period where I was in bad shape mentally and that seemed to trigger the changes - it's almost as though I have an infection or something. My bowels also reacted to it so I know it's gut related. This is so weird but wondering if anyone has heard of such a thing?

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Chorella is known for effecting bad breath, it have chlorophyll that is generally good for bad breath. Oil pulling with coconut oil could maybe also be helpfull. Koreal chorella is i think safest , so many other chorella can have quality issues.


Low stomach acid is common problem, and maybe if take something to aid the digestion, enzymes with meals so food is better digested.