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Details of XMRV Study Available


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australia (brisbane)

Does explain it better then other articles i have read. Its all very promising. I just hope a test comes soon as well as a treatment, especially where i am in australia. Sometimes it can take awhile for medical break throughs from the states to filter through to Australia.


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Very helpful

I'm glad you liked it, Heapsreal.

Unless I pay, I can't access the Science article in Cort's resource thread. And I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again in many other articles.

This really answers a lot of my questions in a reader-friendly format.

I hear you about the lag-time between testing and treatment here in the U.S. and in Australia. You've been very clever in getting your doc to prescribe antivirals and antibiotics, so perhaps you'll find a way to speed up the process.


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Interesting analysis:

The study has some limitations to note, some of which are raised in an accompanying editorial:

A relatively small number of people were tested, particularly in some of the experiments. The CFS samples all came from patients who had severe disability, prolonged disabling fatigue, cognitive defects and immune system abnormalities, and who were from regions where there were “outbreaks” of CFS. It is possible these patients are not representative of the full spectrum of patients with CFS, which can range in severity. The selection of cases that were clustered together in “outbreaks” could mean that these cases have a different cause or trigger from more isolated cases. The characteristics of the healthy people whose blood samples were used were not reported, and there may have been more differences from the CFS cases than simply the disease itself that contributed to the differing rate of XMRV infection. Although the researchers attempted to rule out contamination of their samples, the molecular biologist who co-discovered the XMRV virus suggests in the accompanying editorial that they did not do enough to completely rule out contamination. He also points out that confirmation of the results by an independent group blinded to whether the samples came from cases or controls is “vital”. Although the study suggested that the virus could spread to other cells in the laboratory from white blood cells or fluid from blood, this does not mean that the virus would necessarily be able to spread from person to person. Despite these limitations, the causes of CFS are not yet known and available treatments are limited, so these findings will be of much interest to the research community, doctors, and patients. Further research is needed to confirm these findings in more samples, and to establish whether the XMRV infection occurs before or after the onset of CFS.

From the aformentioned article in the UK: http://www.tyronetimes.co.uk/nhsmental/Does-a-virus-cause-ME.5722026.jp


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XMRV study methodology in layman's terms

I still think this is a great article for those of us who are too brainfogged due to ME/CFS to read the longer, more detailed Science article.


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You can access the full orginal Science article for FREE by going here:


then click on "View Reprint".
When I try to download the PDF it takes me to a page that says:

"Subscribe/Join AAAS or Buy Access to This Article to View Full Text. The content you requested requires a AAAS member subscription to this site or Science Pay per Article purchase. If you already have a user name and password, please sign in below."

Basically, you do have to pay, unless I'm missing something. :confused:

The only thing you're allowed to view for free is the abstract.

Sadly, at the bottom of the Tyrone Times story about the Study Details, it says "Related: Mental Health".

Perhaps that is their attitude at Tyrone Times; makes me wonder if they get CFS yet.

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Suzy Chapman Owner of Dx Revision Watch
NHS Choices article

This article was originally published on the UK NHS Choices website on 9 October 09.

It appeared in the News section listed in Categories under Mental Health along with Mediterranean diet fights for depression , Smacking and childrens IQ, Antidepressants and pregnancy and others!

Following representations by some UK patients, it was, with a day or two, shifted to the "Neurological" Category.

It's difficult to locate the article now through the search function but it can be found at the original URL which is:


This is the page for "Chronic fatigue syndrome"



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all samples from outbreak areas?

It seems to me that this idea has already been refuted on this forum, but don't remember where. If it's misinformation, it's been repeated a lot of times.