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Decreased Basal Ganglia Activation in Subjects with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Association with Symptoms of Fatigue


Senior Member

I didn't see any mention of this article when I searched PR, so I thought I'd post it. There were several other threads mentioning the basal ganglia, so it looks like a good place to focus some research attention.

"One potential focus for the neurocircuitry of fatigue in CFS is the basal ganglia. The basal ganglia play a fundamental role in the regulation of motor activity and motivation and have been implicated as a major brain system associated with fatigue"

I think it's helpful to know that the feeling of fatigue can be caused by immune system activity in a specific part of the brain. If nothing else, when you're trying to explain to people why you are feeling unable to do things, you can tell them that your basal ganglia is inflamed, which gives you a feeling of fatigue that you can't overcome.