Deckoff Jones Report August 30th, 2010 Random Thoughts


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The original link above points to her latest blog. The Random Thoughts post is linked here.
Her current post, as of September 1, is Lessons from the Murine Retroviruses.

I want to caution people reading these linked research papers that people and mice are significantly different, and there is no reason the progressive neurodegenerative disease caused in mice by the PVC-211 strain has to be the same in humans. Best evidence is that the human infection generally does not produce a progressive neurological disease in the medical meaning of the term. There may be any number of complications caused by coinfections, which will have to be sorted out, but ME/CFS sufferers are not doomed to dementia and paralysis.


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From Random Thoughts
Considering the various ways to go about trying to inhibit NFkB, a simple, safe approach is to supplement with curcumin.
Judy M mentioned curcumin as possibly helpfull last year.
I've been taking Enhansa for around 5 months and found it helpfull.