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de Meirleir's involvement in 'catastrophisation' studies


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Just to show how insane the psychobabblers are:

A sample of 282 CFS sufferers were asked about the consequences of pushing themselves beyond their present physical state. Responses were coded into catastrophic or non-catastrophic categories. While not differing on the length of illness or psychological adjustment, subjects demonstrating catastrophic responses evidenced significantly higher levels of fatigue and were more disabled in terms of their ability to work both in their normal occupation and around the house. Catastrophizers also showed greater disability in terms of their sleep and rest, social communication, and recreational activities. The role of catastrophic beliefs and personal perceptions of CFS in maintaining the illness is discussed.

So catastrophizing as used here just means greater illness severity. Greater illness severity correlates with higher levels of fatigue and disability. Therefore the illness is maintained by the illness. What an amazing insight. Then the magic happens and patients are to blame.


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Logan, Queensland, Australia
So they end up pathologizing behaviour that is completely normal in the situation we're in.
Yes, as I have said before, its not our behaviour that is abnormal, its our situation. Most people could not dream of what we live through, not even in their nightmares. Behaviour deemed abnormal in normal circumstances but arising from highly abnormal situations needs to be dealt with carefully in research. Sadly this requires engaging with reality rather than obsolete dogmatic theory.


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"Dr. Charles Shepherd, a medical adviser to the ME Association in Britain, told me that decades of mystery around the illness have only worsened the suffering of victims. 'I was taught at medical school 40 years ago that this was all hysterical nonsense,' he said. 'It was an illness which was either ignored, or dismissed, or regarded with extreme skepticism.'"

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