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Dartmouth Hitchcock Endocrinology?


Senior Member
Curious about Dartmouth Endocrinology and whether they are open-minded re: heterodox thyroid treatments--T3/t4, etc

I have been treating my thyroid issues for a little bit but I think it would be good to have someone beyond just my pcp supervising it.


Hoarder of biscuits
I know the feeling when you would like to have an endo supervising your thyroid treatment. I looked at the Dartmouth endo page https://www.dartmouth-hitchcock.org/endo/our_team.html and there are a few of them who specialize in treating the thyroid. I would not go to an endo whose specialties listed just diabetes. At my HMO when I have seen an endo for thyroid disorders, it has been a female Indian thyroid specialist. She was definitely familiar with treating by T3 and T4.

There are a few at Darmouth that besides treating thyroid disorders also treat pituitary and adrenal disorders. Good to know. You should click through to their profiles to see if they include those. You can check the reviews of some of them to see how patients liked them.