Dandruff Issue plaguing my life.

Hey Everyone.

I have been lurking on this forum lately because there is some great knowledge regarding methylation and skin issues. I figured it was time for me to post here, I have tried seeking help on my skin issue on Reddit. Raypeat forum and more.

I have this problem where my scalp. Eye brows. And chin/facial hair area flake very fine like white flakes.

I want to stress the important that the flakes are not large or waxy or really yellow in nature. The best way to describe these flakes it’s like they are fine and granular like the wood dust left from a sander.

dealing with this for years and years. Diet has no effect. Anti fungal a of all sorts have zero effect. MCT oil helped a bit but stopped. Experimented with vitamins like crazy not getting anywhere. Heck sometimes certain b vitamins made me peel everywhere.

If my scalp gets oily what happens is instead of flaking when I scrape my scalp I get a gunky build up under my nails. I have no redness. So what is this sebboreic dermatitis ? It can’t be dry skin can it because I have no flaking anywhere else on my body except the mentioned areas.

spent the past two years trying to beat this thing and zero overall success. Any help is appreciated.

Yesterday I started keeping a log of the level of flaking that occurs after rubbing and the time.


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I had one experience with fine flakes appearing on my face, mostly around the hairline and forehead. These appeared after I started drinking Oolong tea. I had very dry skin at the time. The flakes stopped after a few days. I assumed that they were a sign of the skin rejuvenating. Oolong tea had been shown in a study to help with eczema.

Since then, I've occasionally seen skin peeling on my face, even though my skin is no longer dry. I have not noticed skin peeling anywhere else.

From a nutritional perspective, I think a vitamin B3 deficiency is most closely associated with dry skin.


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I had dandruff flakes the size of nickels as a teenager.

Dermatologist diagnosed it as seborrheic dermatitis. We tried lots of things way back when but Zinc Pyrithione seemed to work the best.


I use this to wash my hair (leaving it sit on the scalp for about 5 minutes before rinsing) and then follow with a free and clear product but I think it's really nice and could possibly even be used alone with two washings. ???

Edit: They have a bottled shampoo too but it seems to make my hair really brittle. The bar is much nicer.