Czech report on XMRV - censored?


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As you may have noticed, I'm curious about how different countries are reporting and addressing October's XMRV finding. Just came across this posting from Czech Radio Portal:

Two things that stood out for me:
  • The controversial but apt title: "New Retrovirus causes Embarrassment" (understatement of the year!);); and
  • The fact that the first two paragraphs appear to have been censored by Czech radio. Or is it just a coincidental glitch? They are blocked over with some kind of a notification from Czech Radio (easily removed by copying/pasting into Word) which includes the following:
"Czech Radio is not responsible... for the content of discussion papers.... Discussion messages express the views of their authors. Czech Radio reserves the right to delete discussion posts, especially those that contradict morality, violate any laws of the CR (eg, contain profanity, insults, racist, xenophobic and chauvinistic cues), harm the reputation of Czech Radio..."

Either way, you can't read the first 2 paragraphs without a little work. Here is the entire post, with the blocked paragraphs in red.

New retrovirus causes embarrassment
Martina Otčenkov 16.10.2009
"Retrovirus XMRV retrovirus has been discovered only recently, but it is suspected of involvement in two insidious diseases - prostate cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome. In the case of aggressive prostate cancer but with a retrovirus that is not simple.

In early September this year, U.S. researchers published the results of the study, according to which XMRV retrovirus (xenotropic Murine leukemia virus-related virus) occurs in 40% of patients with aggressive prostate cancer. Disability him were men, where the genetic mutation affected a gene for the enzyme ribonuclease L. He participates in the destruction of viruses and the blackout showed increased susceptibility to infections retrovirovm.

New studies have shown that retrovirus XMRV is probably an American patriot. Scientists from the Robert Koch Institute looking for a virus in 589 samples of prostate tumors, those taken by patients living in Germany. They found that the men studied was 76 carry mutations in the ribonuclease L gene, but none of them could not be demonstrated retrovirus infection. In tumor samples, scientists found no pieces of viral nucleic acids in the blood of men were antibodies that spoke of a history of infection. The authors therefore believe that the link between the virus and prostate cancer XRMV seems for some reason, geographically limited and it would be desirable to re-examine whether the virus is actually able to cause cancer."

Note that this is one of many reports which suggests potential geographic differences in XMRV epidemiology - but which does NOT go into differences in research methods (i.e. PCR assays etc) which might have given rise to these apparent divergences. The jury's still out on that it seems.

Oh yeah, and you've gotta love the Google translation, "New studies have shown that retrovirus XMRV is probably an American patriot.":) I am reminded of a translated menu in a Mexican cantina that proudly advertised its special of the day: "Jerked beef".:D With a linguist in the extended family, word play is simply irresistible.
37 the U.S. Media also?

It's strange: I watch the news regularly; somedays constantly.

I have not seen any news about XMRV at all on our 3
national news stations, nor on the major cable shows like

Has anyone seen it explored in depth anywhere besides
Dr. Oz?

Very interesting post, and thank you!


Ahhhh ya gotta love it

Well, Ya know they don't have XMRV over their because we didn't send em any mice after that last war thing. (grins)

Actually Dr. Mikovitz said that the German study was looking at the wrong cells. Turns out they were looking in one set of cells(epithilial?????) and they had to look in the ones that trigger oncogenisis(???) I wonder if they are doing another study? Someone on the boards here said the fact that they found zero tended to be a flag and I will have to agree on that.
xmrv news

who really cares about a virus linked to cfs, autism, cancer and might have contaminated the national blood supply. fox news has more important stories to follow up on like john and kate, miley cirus and selling no spin zone mugs ect.....



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Czech Republic, EU
The google translation is perfect.

The original sentence in Czech is:

"Nov studie ale ukzala, že retrovirus XMRV je zřejmě americk patriot."

My translation into English:

"But a new study has shown that XMRV retrovirus is probably an American patriot."

As far as I know, so far there has been no mention of XMRV and CFS in any of the Czech TVs.