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digital dog

Senior Member
I can handle digestive problems and the like but has anyone taken curcumin and got depressed or anxious?

I would like to include this with my Vitamin C (the only supplement out of hundreds I can tolerate) but because of my extreme sensitivity to everything I am wary.

It is meant to be a decent sup for hashimotos and that is why I would like to give it a go.

Anyone found it made things much worse for them?


Senior Member
hi @digital dog I'm also extremely sensitive to pretty much everything I've ever tried. I had some shortlived succes with turmeric juice (curcumin is more like turmeric extract), but after I took a break from it I couldn't take it anymore. It made me feel more tired and sluggish. (not depressed or anxious but those have never been symptoms for me in general)

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