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I wrote Dr Lipkin about a week ago to ask what's up with the Microbiome Discovery project. No reply.
I think the samples for that project were moved from Columbia to NIH. Some info here from an NIH call last fall.
We have an ME/CFS biorepository in place at our contract site which we call BioSEND. It's a biorepository that is located at Indiana University and we have specimens there from the CFI funded study [Mady Hornig (PI), Ian Lipkin] and we're just in the process of adding the clinical data and will very soon make those biospecimens available to the research community and we also have a proposed pilot to add additional biospecimens that we're working on right now that will greatly expand the number of biospecimens that are in BioSEND and will be available to investigators.
and this
Microbe Discovery Project merges with CII Center for Solutions
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