Cross-posting: Over-the counter remedies for retrovirals/XMRV



Justin - I've edited my original post to reflect the cautions given in this thread.

Thanks for your careful explanation of Warfarin which helped me to understand the risks involved.
The wonky science I was referring to was the assumption that effects of a drug on animals would automatically be the same in humans. That's what your original post seemed to be saying.

However, I tried to make it clear that I was only recommending people who have tested XMRV positive (and therefore know they have a serious retroviral disease) to try these drugs, but trying them all at the same time sounds like madness to me. I specifically chose the 2 drugs deemed safest - ones that I had already taken, in fact, with no ill effects. I seem to be obtaining benefits.

I have never seen Warfarin available for sale without prescription in the UK; but I guess it might be different in the US/Canada.

There is always a risk with any drug, of course. Because of this, all pharmacists (at least in the UK) are required to check contraindications when dispensing a drug, so there are natural safety precautions in place by the system.

If anybody is self-medicating using online pharmacies or buying drugs from non-standard outlets, they should be aware that they are dicing with their health whatever the drugs they are buying.

Anyhow, I'm going to go back and edit my post to make it even clearer.

Rachel xx


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Thank you Rachel,

I understood what you meant about the cross species thing. That's why I wanted to clarify.

Also, I know that many of us are desperate and will push the limits sometimes when experimenting on ourselves....I am very guilty of that :innocent1:

Just wanted to make it clear that this on not one to play around with.

Thanks again


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My problem isn't the known and stated side-effects of common drugs (that is bad enough!). My problem has been an unusual and often severe sensitivity to prescription drugs even those used for non- ME problems.

This may make the condition even harder to treat with common drugs thought to be useful against retroviruses. Don't know if HIV+ people have the same problem.