Creatine - only helps with working out induced PEM?


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Reading up on Creatine and how it interacts with muscles. Does it only help with folks who have PEM from working out/weightlifting? I got PEM from being in a sauna for 30 minutes, so would it help with just overheating while working outside in the heat?

EDIT: Also is there a benefit to taking Creatine every day? Or only when I expect to exert myself? Also, how concerned should I be with the DHT effects from Creatine?


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I haven't tried creatine myself, since I lack muscle symptoms, but cumin effectively blocked and/or treated my physically-induced PEM, but didn't affect my cerebrally-induced PEM, so PEM can be triggered by different mechanisms, and require different treatments. To figure out how something works for your different PEM triggers, you'll have to experiment. Pretty much everything related to ME requires self-experimentation, since we all respond differently to things.