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Cravings when fatigued


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Yep. Notice a big difference in appetite and feeling worse. I've steadily felt worse since December and have gained 15 pounds since then. It seems I'm always starving now. Very frustrating.


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East Sussex
My appetite is quite big but it is huge when I am fatigued, I find I can usually eat twice what friends and family are eating i.e. always going back for seconds.... I feel like body just uses energy so quickly for recovery or perhaps the energy is just not produced at all


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I feel worse in the morning all the time although on my good days I'm ok in the afternoons. A part of that is feeling nauseous and I really can't face eating anything until after 11am often later than that say 1-2pm. I do get into grazing in evenings sometimes but cravings have definitely dropped back a lot 75% or more since I went low carb in May this year. I am one of the older milder gradual onset people although I have had a lot of viral infections during my gradual onset. I am also significantly overweight with hypertension and raised blood sugar but not high enough to be T2D yet. I would say to anyone who is on the overwieight side give low carb a try I've lost 9kg almost 1 1/2 stone over the summer and have got used to it pretty easily. I have nuts cheese olives as snacks all high fat but I seem to be ok with much smaller amounts whereas if I snacked on high carb high fat like crisps bicuits ice cream a whole pack would be polished off in one go.

If I have PEM it is a worse version of my usual feeling bad in the morning I would tend to eat little during the whole day maybe have a meal in the evening definitely eat less overall if I have PEM flu type symptoms Obviously my body has a lot of energy reserves available to use when it can manage to do so. I definitely think my leptin and ghrelin have been messed up by me. Low carb is gradually improving my ability to feel full which has been an issue for several years.
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didn't read the thread but food, fried, sweet, tasty (not that i will remember it well) is what i crave. Doesn't happen though, even harder to make any and can't afford to get any delivered and i live alone without family support.