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Crashed from seizure causing animated pic


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Yesterday I watched one of these animated pictures which cause seizures (mostly on people with epilepsy), for no more than 3 seconds, and I crashed. Have you experienced this? If you haven't, please don't try it. I was looking at a random profile on facebook and one of the posts was this picture. It had text over it "You can thank me for the seizure later" but I didn't pay attention and clicked on it. It took exactly 3 seconds of watching and I crashed. It was meant to be a joke obviously, but it's a joke for healthy people, which only get a short time headache from these pics. Lesson learned.
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You got me curious and now I want to see if I would have the same problem too...


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They are just fast moving and flashing animations with certain visual patterns that are meant to confuse your brain. Better don't google for them.

I want to test it but the ones I found do nothing to me. Can you give the link please?