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COVID - how are you doing ? (oct 2020)


wiggle jiggle
Hi there,
how did you run through so far.
I cant believe that the infection wouldnt have any impact particularly on MEcfs people.

  1. How was it, when you fell sick with Covid?
  2. Did it change anything (e.g. with your mecfs)?
  3. How often did you fall ill?
  4. ...things like that...

If there is already a thread, please point me there.

cheers everyone


wiggle jiggle
when i remember right, quite a number of mecfs-ppl claimed in the past, they never had a flu.
so did i.

what now?
did you get covid?
what happened?

also with the COVID death rate... its known overweight ppl die with higher likelyhood. is there any increased death-risk for mecfs ppl?