Covid-19 brain capillaries - Feb 2021


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United Kingdom
All this talk of capillaries and what not reminded me of an article that's seemingly disappeared off the main stream news discussions. About bone marrow cells lodged in the capillaries of the brain. Never seen before on autopsy of covid19 patients.

Large cell nuclei that appeared to be megakaryocytes were found in cortical capillaries of five people who died with severe COVID-19, neuropathologists reported.

"To further characterize these cells, we performed immunohistochemistry for CD61 and CD42b, markers of platelets and megakaryocytes," wrote David Nauen, MD, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and colleagues, in a JAMA Neurology research letter. "CD61 labels these cells, as does CD42b, confirming their megakaryocyte identity." The cells were distinct from platelet clusters, which were found in postmortem intravascular precipitates