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Could exposure to XMRV or XMLV's in vaccines trigger an auto immune response to ERV's


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I came across this paper today and it just crossed my mind that perhaps exposure to tiny amounts of XMLV's in vaccines could trigger an auto-immune disease, because our own ERV's are similar enough to be mistaken for the antigens and other agents in the triggering vaccine.
Perhaps Judy Mikovits antibodies to HGRVs are really autoimmune antibodies?

Has this possibility ever been discussed?

The potential role of endogenous retroviruses in autoimmunity. Nakagawa.

The paper is from 1996. So prior to the WPIs discovery.
So this paper cannot be an attempt at a cover-up by substituting ERVs for XMRV.


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Greg Towers was arguing that the antibodies reported as being to XMRV could be antibodies to something else.

I'm not sure about the vaccines triggering as per your theory though. Will have a look and see if I can find anything similar.

The question of
antibodies is also a good one. Unfortunately antibodies are not necessarily
as specific as many people think. When people are sick they make antibodies
that recognise a variety of antigens that are not necessarily directed
against the pathogen. Finding antibodies against a virus like XMRV is far
from proof that the person is infected. We imagine that the tests were
contaminated, not the person, and that the antibodies are a result of being