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Cost of Living Crisis


Senior Member
most houses I have lived in have a fire/hearth with a back boiler built in, So the fire heats the water tank and that heats radiators round the house. And you get hot water for baths etc too. My worst ever house was in coastal Cornwll.. Modern and all electic. No fireplace or chimney and great gales in winter. Out went the power.. We had a very experienced local plumber/electrician who managed to rig up a socket in my bedroom so I could use the microwave while the local authorities and insurance folk got their act together...One winter I had a great industrial generator in my main room,, Never again have I lived without a back up plan. ESB here are great and we old and "vulnerable" get priority in power cuts. Out they come n a chopperMy heroes! ...


Senior Member
I got another email from energy company they've put mine up again and I haven't even had the heating on yet! ...Only getting hot shower twice a week to wash hair mainly cos its exhausting and length of time it takes..govt are suggesting 4 min timed shower...would never manage 4 mins.

I think my mobility scooter may bump up my electricity usage as it needs charging all night but I can't get my dog out without it. If I didn't have a dog I just wouldn't bother going anywhere and save on energy it took to use a powered wheelchair to go anywhere!

It's gonna be a tough winter in a cold house with arthritis starting in my neck and shoulders too and the pain/stiffness also making the Tinnitus worse :(