coq10 seems to have helped inflammatory pain and some other symptoms


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So i have a weird version of this illness that responds quickly to supplements, and each deficiency gives me a specific (well not always totally specific) symptom.

It's taken me 3-4 years at least to work out what all of these are, as if i don't recognise the deficency said symptom just gets worse and worse, and in treating it with antagonistic nutrients (or b12 which seems to drive the whole lot) sometimes I can lead myself into a really bad situation (many times actually) URG.

Anyway I still sometimes run into new ones, especially since i realised SAM-e was a big missing piece - which must have kick started a whole bunch of cellular processes that had been out of action for however long. These new symptoms always makes me very worried as at this point I think "wht else is there to try" - but there always seems to be something.

Anyhow developed some severe muscular inflammatory pain on monday/tuesday. different in quality slightly to previous inflammation and really unbearable (to those who know, know that these things come in all sorts) also a bit of fever. 9thought I had covid - again). Doing my regular searching I have realised I have been missing coq10 quite some time - it showed up on this forum as anti-inflammatory in that it lowers prostaglandins (interested in mechanism, but can look it up at some point) and it seems to be that.

-information dump tl;dr this is some other symptoms i've fixed with nutrients recently -

I make this post for my own records but also if anyone else is searching for options.

August - I got 'harm ocd' and general depression after starting up hard on the b vits again - which turned out to be iron - that took me about a month as it's not generally included in the methylation protocols.

Was this before or after the iron? around the same time - Also got 'wired-tired', axiety, heart palpitations, fatigue (severe) that kind of responded to calcium, but not very well. And then brain fog on top. Handy. That turned out to k2 mk7 and then calcium.

May - Also got another bout of inflammation after hitting the SAM-e too hard to begin with, characterised mostly by a kind of fuzzy pins and needles and numbess and also inflammation mainly in the joints. The fuzziness is B1, but benfotiamine does nothing for me has to be that allithiamine which is sold as such by ecological forumlas but is actually TTFD, and then im pretty sure the inflammation was b6.

Reverse chronilogical order

worked out the coq10 by the fact paracetamol relaxed my muscles, which go tense when my nutrients aren't balanced. paracetemol reduces pprostaglandins.