Conversing With Professor Simon Wessely- Part 1


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Wessely quote from above link. The same Wessely who chose the patients for Myra McClure's failed XMRV study in CFS psychiatric patients. Wessely's patients.

Anyway, one last thing., I am afraid that i am no longer involved in the politics of CFS research, and haven’t been for many years. I no longer sit on any committees /workshops/conference etc about definitions, grants, research etc etc. I do still do my one day a week seeing patients in the clinic, which i still really enjoy, otherwise i wouldn;t do it, but have had little or no dealings with the politics of all this for ages and ages. I have handed over the research unit to someone else, and my involvement in research is largely either helping to recruit patients for other peoples’ research studies, or giving advice to Ph d students/supervising juniors. My active research has been for many years with the military, and anyway, for most of the day I am now a faceless university bureaucrat. So my ability to influence the areas that you wish influenced are practically zero – you may perhaps be relieved to hear that.

Is Weasel a liar, or does it suffer from memory loss? Weasel is directly involved in politics, as he is is science advisor to the British press, including news on CFS/ME and XMRV/MULV, which ominously has not been reported since the latest updated via Alter/Lo at the FDA. He has also been quoted in Guardian newspaper over XMRV.

This was another important quote.

It is of course perfectly true, as we say ourselves ad nauseam, that CBT provides good results for diseases such as MS, RA, cancer, heart failure, HIV and so on –all of these have been tested in RCTs and shown to improve outcomes.

He's listed three fatal diseases as CBT having 'good results' for. Importantly the conditions he lists do not have CBT as the ONLY and the SOLE intervention recommened.

If you only offer CBT for HIV, patients die
If you only offer CBT for Cancer, patients die
If you only offer CBT for Heart Failure, patients die

Yet CBT is only offered for 'CFS/ME' in the UK and thus some patients die also, due to patients having increased risk of Cancer & Heart Failure in CFS (Jason et al, 2006). of Death - CFS Patients.pdf

Uniquely the simple offer of psychiatric treatments or nothing else, well this is NOT the case in any other non psychiatric illness, especially in a condition that decreases life span and causes gross disablity due to neuro immue symptoms. To me this is the single failing people make when trying to make their point again psychological theorists.

CFS is not classified as a psychiatric illness, and so until it is then all claims against it are damaging to the patient population. (ME is also not classified a a psychiatric illness either, but a neurological disease).
To 'theorize' as the CDC, Reeves and others do in public is actually to promote deaths in people with the badge 'CFS'. Remember this when suing your health authority/hospital in the future when you get a future diagnosis of XMRV/MULV induced neuro immune disease.

The excuse in the court room of trying to defend CBT & Exercise for CFS/ME of ''but we thought you were mentally ill'' won't wash..... because CFS never was a psychological disease, officially.

The CDC and Weasel in the UK in association with the UK NHS Health service and Department of Health have no where to run now XMRV/MULV is found in CFS/ME patients. Think about it....

1) If they make CFS into a 'new' disease (GRAD) then people will sue for misdiagnosis and lack of care as there was no evidence they previously has CFS due to no diagnostic test.
2) If they keep CFS and make subsets of neuro immune disease, then people will sue for discrimination and psychological damage as no mental illness was ever proven, and their CFS was never a psych disorder!

Hence the negative XMRV findings in the Weasel and CDC studies and the other psych who says ME doesn't exist also. (All gross bias). Take out the political bias, and people find XMRV/MULV.


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Missed the point hasn't he. The intervention of he and his cohorts in Psychiatry set in motion the most devasting treatment for all who suffer from M.E. Science at last is proving him wrong. What a good time to make his exit.