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Constipation could be a surprising herpes symptom, new study finds


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and here is the journal article it is based on:

Constipation could be a surprising herpes symptom, new study finds
The research may be used to help people who have chronic problems with their guts without a cause

People experiencing constipation for no reason might unknowingly have Herpes, according to new research.

The new study has found a surprising link between gastrointestinal problems or the inability to empty the bladder and the the virus that causes genital herpes.

The Yale-led study showed that the virus is able to spread from the genitals to nerves in the spinal chord. From there, it travels to neurons in the colon – killing them off, and leading to damage.

Those problems can stop food from moving along the digestive tract properly, which can in turn lead to an enlarged colon and disease.

The findings could prove important for people who are suffering with gut problems and can’t find a cause, encouraging doctors to look at viral infection as a possible reason...


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Great study, @Kyla (I attached the pdf of the paper)

I looked into the details. Here you get a summary of the points I found most useful:

Sad news: testing makes no sense because the HSV-1 virus is elimnated in a few days post infection from the gut: By 9 d.p.i., HSV-1 staining was mostly absent (Figure 2B), which coincided with the eventual elimination of the virus from the large intestine at later time points (Figure 2A)

Absence of symptoms does not mean anything: viral reactivation and shedding also frequently occur in the absence of these symptoms (Wald et al., 1995). I never had a single herpes symptom, but my titers show a past infection:

  • Lifelong laxative: chronic treatment with an osmotic laxative bypassed the need for an intact ENS
  • While that sounds bad, it can actually be tasty: See my thread on a simple natural motility enhancer
How to prevent further damage?
Within the dorsal root ganglia (DRG), they establish a latent infection that periodically reactivates. I guess that in case of a reactivation, all the damage to the colon is repeated!
I know of two things that could help:


  • HSV1dysmotility.pdf
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If it turned out that this study was correct wouldn't it be likely that a fecal transplant might be the answer?

I don’t think so if I understood it correctly since it talks about colon neuronal death by the virus itself or an immune mediated response to those tissues. Better treatments need to be developed in my opinion.

In general I think this study Is quite scary as it implies not only contsipation as a result of hsv1 infection but death due to toxic megacolon. I’m hsv1 and 2 positive that I believe contributed to the onset of my cfs/me as primary infections months ago. It also describes hsv 2s propensity for the cns.

I wish there were better treatments for these viruses and a public health alert on their dangers/damage they do. Docs tell me it’s a harmless skin disease yet they are implied in neurodegenerative processes, cardiac involvement and as per this article digestive issues, leg paralysis and urinary retention. Albeit in mice. Sophia Mirzas spine showed evidence of herpes lesions so I think it’s safe to say implications of infection are serious and widespread.

It really makes me wonder how much of a role they play in cfs/me I had major diarrhea during onset but this explains the transition to more serious constpation and the sensation (or lack thereof) that my gut isn’t moving as well as the urinary retention. Not to mention all the other cognitive and sensory issues.