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Constant 24/7 tightness in chest/heart


I do not have ME, but was hoping someone might know this symptom.

Every day for 5 years now, I have had constant squeezing in my heart from the second I wake up to the second I fall asleep. There is absolutely zero relief from it (not even one minute in the past five years).

It is not painful or sharp, just a constant squeezing. It makes it hard for me to enjoy life, because I feel it even when I'm perfectly happy.

I also have pretty high blood pressure (around 130-140). And after a recent emotional stressor, the heart feeling became permanently more intense, and now I also have constant shortness of breath. It feels like the condition is worsening over time.

I know it sounds similar to panic attacks, but these are not at all like typical panic attack symptoms. My heart isn't racing, no shaking, no sweating, no hyperventilating. On the outside, I look totally calm and fine. Also, this feeling is constant.

I tried a benzo from my doctor, which did not help any of these symptoms. It just made me tired, and even worse feeling the next day. We also tried beta blockers to block norepinephrine, which did not help and just made me tired/dizzy. CBC is fine (no anemia), and thyroid is good too.

I would be so grateful for any ideas on this. I would give anything to just feel an hour without it.