Collagen Supplements

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Interesting question.

Since collagen is present in things like beef hides and bones, it's logical that it would be present in fish skins and bones, too. But I'm not really sure what the differences between them would be.

I don't think there'd be any problem in mixing them to reduce the per dose cost.

One thing that I'd be careful about is the sourcing of the collagen used in your supplements. You want a clean source, free of toxins like supplemental hormones, rBST, antibiotics, tainted feed, grains-fed (cows digestive systems don't handle grains well, and they an cause various illnesses in cattle). The only place I'm sure is safe is New Zealand, which has really stringent laws and oversight re their cattle, which are the purest, greenest you can find anywhere: pasture raised and fed, and completely free of the above mentioned potential dangers.

And marine collagen's source should be reviewd, as well. So much of the ocean is polluted with various chemicals and toxins now, including radiation from things like Japan's Fukushima disaster, which of course, leaked into the ocean around the area, and was carried by currents to other locations as well.

So in terms of purity, I'd think the beef-based collagen would be the better choice.

If you want to continue supplementing, are you using bulk gelatin for collagen, or a product labelled as collagen, not gelatin? Gelatin is probably the cheapest way, and you get other beneficial aminos as well. "Collagen" is just a form of gelatin, usually highly processed and hydrolized, which causes me and others on these threads some problems. The gelatin, on the other hand, is less processed and easier to handle.

Great Lakes is the only source I've found that is relatively clean, coming (allegedly) from Argentina, also known for its high-quality beef and for restrictions on what can be used on the cattle.

Hope this helps.
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I wonder if making something with fruit juice and gelatin would work, that would sure feel good on my throat some mornings! Maybe with fresh blueberries?

Yum made with the mild white cranberry juice and a berry that one tolerates well!

Gelatin is going on my grocery list!


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Hi @Pendergast I find that it's not so sensitive and can tolerate foods more. I don't have many of the extreme reactions of some here. When I relapsed about 10 years ago (with hindsight I think that's when I relspsed) I developed a hazelnut allergy and intolerances to whey protein and onions, leeks etc. Recently I was finding I could be very sensitive and get an irritated stomach for no apparent reason but since taking the collagen that has settled down and so long as I avoid the triggers above, I'm fine. I can now even tolerate small amounts of dairy although I've not tried a glass of milk or cream, butter etc. I can take milk in tea and can est cheese again