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Cold hands and Red Feet

My feet seem to be getting progressively colder and have recently been turning red. Read Raynaud's online but not trying to scare myself. Also not sure how this is even related to Dysautonomia which is what some of my doctors suspect.

Other new symptoms:

Some muscle weakness in thighs like I worked out. I did do a bit of walking around but legs don't seem to recover.

My heart seems to have irregular beats. Seems to beat faster and harder when I stand. Gets into irregular beats like trigeminy (was told it's benign but don't feel that way).

Also shortness of breath.

Also seem to have lightheadedness and/or stars in eye when I deep breath.

Any idea what's going on and have others had this?

So far I have done some further testing from Brigham and Women's. Still awaiting more results but here's what I got:

- Myocytosis present
- ANA Nucleor pattern 1:160 and recently retested 1:40 Nucleor
- Anti Cardiolipin 27 (medium positive. First time doing it
- Anti ccp 8.1 (slightly above)
- IGD 15.8 (slightly above upper limit)

Let me know. Waiting for approval to be admitted to hospital right now.
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