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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Has Anyone Here Benefited at All?


Senior Member
if it was used to teach people how to cope within their limits then it might benefit some - tho tbh I suspect that most pwME have already figured out pacing etc long before they get to the stage of being called up for CBT

Largely agree with that. Though I am increasingly concerned that simple medical advice, basic patient education, to keep within your limits is now being portrayed as some complicated formal 'therapy' that can only be taught by highly trained experts. It is utter nonsense and little more than naked empire building.

How did the human race make it so far before the age of experts to tell us how to live properly?


Senior Member
CBT is only after all a behavioural approach created by Aaron Beck Psychiatrist - Emeritus Prof. Surely not intended for a biological disease. Much on the Web about it all and very difficult/impossible to reconcile with ME.