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coconut oil allergic reactions on my mother?

i gave my mother organic coconut oil for her inflamed colon.
the next day her chest burns, her skin and veins burns, stomach glass cramps, diarriah.
she telling me it gave her new symptoms and much worse. more acid in her gut.
i gave her only few drops with food in her stomach.
she has had coconut oil before in shampoos and lotions.
why has that happen to her after giving it to her by mouth??
i just don't get it anymore.:confused:


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Left Coast
Many of us have strange reactions to things. All because it's natural doesn't mean it can't cause a problem for us. Some get quite ill from seemingly harmless things.

Using something topical and not having a problem doesn't mean you won't have a problem taking something internally. I mean you can't compare a shampoo with coconut oil in it to ingesting it.

All you can do is stop it.


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Northcoast NSW, Australia
I reacted negatively to CO for about a year, and am now using it again. I've done a number of things in that time, including detox.

Re inflamed colon, here's a bit from my coffee enema blog. Might be helpful:

Aloe Vera enema - adding to a water enema has an anti inflammatory effect on the mucosa of the colon. This makes it ideally suited to aiding any inflammatory conditions within the digestive system.

Also, t 1 cup chamomile tea and 1 cup linseed/flax ‘tea’ to help soothe the bowel. 1Tb linseed in 2 l water makes a great, slippery solution. Bring it to the boil,, then let sit, then later again I bring it to boil, leave it overnight, then once again boil. I do it this way because when boiled it as I first read, it boiled over and made a mess. When I just boiled it and let sit, it was too thin. this method seems to work perfectly.

digital dog

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Certain oils have been the worst thing for me during my illness. Worse than any drug. It is baffling.
I think we have to be very careful.


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I had problems with coconut oil as well. I know it's a great source of MCT and is antifungal etc. but everyone is different. Upon eating it I would be weezing and full of adrenaline soon after, usually keeping me up all night. I just stopped taking it and the sy.ptoms went away. Oh well, no harm in moving on to the next thing.