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Cochrane - a sinking ship?


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Southern California
This is a pretty interesting blog. The sinking ship has been caused by controversy over the sacking of Peter Gotzsche, whose
most recent article, with co-authors Lars Jørgensen and Tom Jefferson, was a stinging critique of the quality and methodology of Cochrane’s HPV vaccines review.

A scandal has erupted within the Cochrane Collaboration, the world’s most prestigious scientific organisation devoted to independent reviews of health care interventions. One of its highest profile board members has been sacked, resulting in four other board members staging a mass exodus.

They are protesting, what they describe as, the organisation’s shift towards a commercial business model approach, away from its true roots of independent, scientific analysis and open public debate.


Many of you know that the Cochrane review has been used to justify the discredited PACE trial findings, so seeing Cochrane possibly imploding may not necessarily be a bad thing.