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Cmv titres


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australia (brisbane)
Ive had one cmv test years ago that gave me a titre number which was 1.03. I havent been able to get this test done since. I must have sneeked through the cracks as the next time i went to get this test they said its only for hiv patients. Thanks free Australia healthcare, plus i was willing to pay for it myself but no!

I recently came across this labs ranges.
<.15 low avidity
.15 - .25 moderate avidity
> .25 high avidity

So going by that Im over 4 times the normal range.

It does say the test method is igg, igm and
avidty igg index.

Im interested to know what other ranges people have for cmv igg titres just to see if my labs are similar scale and then take it as a positive or not.

@Hip going over the CFS road map, the ranges mentioned seem very similar. Were theywhat Dr Lerner used?

Although i cant get this test done, i am thinking i need another course of valcyte. Recently added valcyte to my famvir for 2 weeks and there was an inkling of improvement. I did find help using arv/tenofovir, its on my mind as its alot cheaper and safer. Im plucking at straws i guess.

I recall Dr Lerner having patients improve and then needing a further round of valcyte several years down the track??