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citric acid testing : what does results mean?


Senior Member

I was tested for different acids of the citric acid cycle and was very high in alpha ketoglutaric as I was in malic acid and fumaric acid.

Concerning alpha-k.: I it helps with reducing ammonium levels and transporting them into the urea cycle. As I am suffering from feelings of being poisoned and a terrible state of wakefullness (no feelings or tiredness despite being severly sleep deprived) plus my citrulline levels are sky high (also sign of nitrosative stress/nitric acid/ammonia and byproduct of the urea cycle) could it be that the high alpha-k is rather sign of too much ammonia than being defient in some cofactors? Most of the cofactors like B1,B2,B3, B5, Magnesium and so one were tested and in the normal range!

I highly suspect my gut to be the culprit for high ammonia as I don't eat too much protein nor do I have the typical signs of the cbs upregulation (I am only hetero for cbs) and don't have the typical scenario aka high taurine, low glutathione (it's just the other way in my case: very low taurine and very high glutathione).

So any suggestens about my lab results?:) And is there a way to test for ammonia levels (bllod or urine?)

Thank you :)