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"Chronix Biomedical" DID find XMRV's LTR using their human-genome assay


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In a response to a question following her presentation today in the blood pathogens conference, Dr. Mikovits said that the rumor about "Chronix Biomedical" finding XMRV using their new technique to sequence the entire genome of a person, but finding it without it's LTR - is inaccurate. They DID find XMRV, and they DID find it WITH it's LTR.

I saw a movie a year or so ago, in which a woman came to confess to a priest, saying that she had spreaded a wrong gossip about someone. So the priest told her that in order to make it right, she needs to go to her home, take a pillow, and throw all the feathers in the wind, and then come back to him. So she came back to him and told him that she did what he asked. He than said: "Now, you shell go and collect all of those feathers, that you've seen flying with the wind". So she said to him: "But there were so many feathers, and they have spread all over, it's impossible to pick them all up!". So he said to her: "That's what you have done with this gossip that you have spread. It's impossible to get the situation to be fare now".

So, ofcourse I absolutely believe that Dr. Lapp didn't mean to spread anything that is wrong, but I just hope that we will not forget that this part of what he was saying was wrong and that "Chronix Biomedical" did find XMRV's LTR.


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The other side.
I didnt hear the LTR mentioned - I thought she said that they were attached to other DNA - which I took to mean DNA from the integration site.

But I was a little tired at that point and it may have been wishful hearing.
I think we took it as a rumour though. It's hard to be clear about these complicated matters, and miscommunication it always possible. Until data gets peer reviewed and published I'm treating it all as rumours.