Chronic stuffed up nose, Nonallergic rhinitis?

It’s major spring allergy season where I live , and I believe it triggered my allergy symptoms, which involve a stuffed up nose, sneezing, and mucus in my throat. But now I’m in Hawaii on vacation and I didn’t even bring my antihistamines (which don’t seem to really work anyway) , because I figured I wouldn’t need them in a new tropical climate. Yet my symptoms strangely followed me. I suppose it’s possible I’m sick, but I don’t think so. I don’t have other symptoms of a virus like a fever. And this started with legit allergies. I suspect what I might have is non allergic rhinitis triggered by actual allergens. Like so many of us with CFSME, my body gets triggered and doesn’t know when to turn the immune system off. Just my theory after some layman googling. Anyone have anecdotal experience here ? And any suggestions ?
I've had a chronic stuffed up nose for around 7-8 years. It got better when I moved to another country (maybe started due to pollution or mould in previous country) but it is still not completely back to normal. Would love suggestions too!


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Good Morning. I'm presently in my 3rd week of suffering from the extreme symptoms of allergies. You're correct (in my belief) that a stuffed up nose does not always respond to antihistamines.

What may not stop it, but helps in a simple OTC med called Guafenesin (also Mucinex came out, but is far more expensive). Guagenesin is found in many cough mixtures also.

This drug was one of the earliest uses for CFS at a time when nothing helped anything at all. I was on it (by prescription) for years and what it does is this: It thins the secretions in the nose and throat so they go easily down the back of the throat. Since I take a generic brand, I have to admit that it isn't as good as the prescription one....just doesn't last as long.

Take one/half of a tablet and see how it affects you. It's not going to stop sneezing and other allergy symptoms but certainly makes us feel better. Also, a vaporizer at night can help. I take on as needed basis only, although allergies are now rampant year round for me.

Unfortunately it was proven to not help with the symptoms of what is now known as ME, but I still find it worthwhile for the sinus/stuffy nose problems. It helps stop an infection from developing.

It doesn't make me sleepy, more energetic....simply the purpose for which it was designed. I hope this will help you. Yours, Lenora.