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Chronic Lymph Node Pain for over 18 months

Lymph nodes

Hi All
Lymph nodes are the most prominent part of my CFS. I did test + for CMV & EBV. I do have all the other symptoms as well. Not so much the fatigue, but the Lymph pain is painful. Makes my neck feel stiff & headachy all the time. They are all along the back of my neck & sometimes up towards my ears. I also had low grade fever & sore throat for 4 months. I still get these, but they come & go as well. Joint & muscle pain & weakness are also apparent. Does anyone get a small pimply thing appearing before a gland swells? These develop and I also get a weird sensation in the area. Then I know one is on its way up! :confused: Doc says nothing to worry about, as long as they dont get bigger.


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I would say it can be caused by something overwhelming the immune system i.e. chronic infections or toxins of some sort such as biotoxins or heavy metals. I thought I had that as well but later someone pointed out to me my lymph nodes in the jock are are that prominent because of being underweight.
Dear Friends and Experts,

I really do not have much of the fatique which may be experienced with CFS but I have had this chronic lymph node problem for over 18 months now. The "soreness/discomfort" is mostly localized on both sides of my neck (where the neck muscle is - about two inches below the jaw, very close to where you feel your pulse). It is not intense but it is very annoying. I have persistent pain/discomfort in the lymph nodes in the neck area. And the dull soreness moves around. Sometimes the right side, sometimes the left side.

It is better at night or close to bed time, worse (more noticeable) in the afternoon. In the beginning of this 18 month period, the pain was more like an instant pinch/bug bite, but now it is mostly localized on two spots on the right and left side of the neck. The chronic pain is not severe but it creates discomfort and drives me crazy. I think this may be something serious. Never heard about lymph node pain this long. I also have sometimes the red/flushing face feeling. But no night sweats, weight loss etc. But I think I also have slightly swollen lymph nodes in the neck area.

When these symptoms first started, I have seen specialists but no one could find anything, all blood tests etc came back normal. So, for the last year I quit thinking about this. Tonight I saw this forum and wanted to get your input. My blood tests showed past EBV infection when the tests were done like 3 months after the symptoms started. But the doctor said it was not related to EBV.

What do you think this could be? Because of the localized lymph node pain, I think this is related to EBV somehow. I appreciate your comments.


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Hi, I've had this issue for the past few years and wanted to ask what your lymph nodes are like now? I know you posted this years ago, I hope all is well
Hi, I've had this issue for the past few years and wanted to ask what your lymph nodes are like now? I know you posted this years ago, I hope all is well
(Hossier) I have the same symptoms multiple enlarged neck nodes and now I'm having a lot of body aches, and the face flushing is something I suffer with daily for 5 month now..What did you end up having?