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Chronic/ late stage Lyme Disease Treatment Conference


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Ventura, CA

Interesting collaboration of up to date info in the treatment of late stage lyme disease, more then you would expect! Lot of research and time went into this one for sure! Very professional and well informed people.

Qouted from site.

"BioResource Inc. hosted what was in my opinion one of the best conferences of the year on March 19-20, 2011 in Burlingame, CA. The event was titled "Integrative Approaches to Treating Tick-Borne Disease". The room was filled with the energy of like-minded practitioners. In my opinion, these practitioners are the closest to having true answers of anything I've encountered when it comes to successfully treating those of us that have struggled with chronic health challenges related to Lyme disease (and all that comes with it).

The main speakers at the event were Wayne Anderson ND, Joe Burrascano MD, Ann Corson MD, Steven Harris MD, Richard Horowitz MD, and Byron White (herbalist). The event had a slight focus on products offered by BioResource as they were the host of the event, but many other options were discussed and I don't think this limited the speakers in any way. In my opinion, BioResource has some of the best products available anyway. You can find more information about the presentershere.

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