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Chronic fatigue syndrome reality conflicts with medical study - great little article

Why don't mainstream UK media publish articles this sensible & clear?

Thanks for sharing PeeWee, please could you amend the title of the thread so that it includes the title of the article? Otherwise people who didn't know already about the article might decide not to read a thread that sounds like it's about digging up rocks (and it will make it easier to find in the future). :)

Opening couple of paragraphs from the article.
Chronic fatigue syndrome reality conflicts with medical study

Medical research is a funny thing. I don’t say that in the literal sense: research generally is as much fun as having a tooth pulled. It is in regard to the statistical analysis required of any medical study that I refer.

As the cliche goes ‘numbers can lie’. The term “Evidenced Based Medicine” basically refers to the use of medical studies to indicate whether some treatment is beneficial or worthwhile. When a scientist or physician has some theory or method they want others to utilize (regardless of the motivation, be it profit or something beneficent), they construct a study which explores and evaluates this new method……although, as most people realize, statistics can be manipulated to reveal most anything.

Take Samantha, for example. She was a healthy middle-aged woman, a vital productive member of society, who came down with some sort of viral infection, which changed everything. Samantha developed a condition so debilitating that any activity whatsoever was impossible. Her days of mountain biking and painting became days, then weeks, of lying in bed, unable to even sit up or answer the door. She began experiencing severe joint pain, and constant unremitting exhaustion, so profound that turning over in bed had to be planned hours in advance. Whenever she did try to push herself, her symptoms got worse, so she lay there for months, staring at the walls in the room, wondering what had happened.

ETA: Thanks, the title has now been changed.
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Snow Leopard

South Australia
"The Mining Journal, the largest newspaper on Michigan's Upper Peninsula."

So it appears to be a local newspaper.

Also, the author is a practising physician, if anyone wants to say thanks:

Editor’s note: Dr. Conway McLean is a podiatric physician now practicing foot and ankle medicine in the Upper Peninsula, having assumed the practice of Dr. Ken Tabor. McLean has lectured internationally on surgery and wound care, and is board certified in both, with a sub-specialty in foot orthotic therapy. Dr. McLean welcomes questions, comments and suggestions at: drcmclean at penmed com.